SOFIA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION was founded as non-profit organization with the decision 348
of the Sofia Municipal Council to work for the sustainable development of the capital.

UnionMigrantNet and Cities Together for Integration project

Project title: UnionMigrantNet and Cities Together for Integration

Project duration: 30 months, 2020-2022

The multi-national project UnionMigrantNet and Cities Together for Integration was funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund, under the call AMIF-2018-AG-INTE (Transnational actions for Integration of Third-Country Nationals in the EU Member States and supporting legal migration).

The project aims at exchanging and transferring knowledge, experiences and (best) practices on integration between 9 UnionMigrantNet (UMN) members and 8 local authorities from five EU countries, namely Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Slovenia. Building on the already existing European network of trade unions providing services to third country nationals (TCNs), the project will seek to enhance the network by fostering partnerships with local authorities, key actors in the reception and integration of TCNs.

The project will be based on three main pillars:
                • National integration activities where UMN members and local authorities will undertake targeted measures aiming at fostering TCNs integration in the labour market. National integration activities will be based on specific needs of the TCNs’ community and the local environment.
                • Mutual Learning Programmes (MLP). Up to 8 exchanges between local authorities and UMN members involved in the project in five EU countries will be undertaken to learn on how they respectively provide assistance, information and trainings to the migrant population. Where possible MLPs would be further formalized by the signature of long-term partnership agreements by the UMN members and the local authorities involved in the exchanges.
                • Update of the UMN portal to smooth access for TCNs by improving the on-line access to UMN structures and enhance the digital networking of contact points and local authorities. Besides, new IT tools will be developed in order to improve the exchange of information among contact points' operators and local authorities as well as UMN visibility in the social media. The portal will facilitate the dissemination of know-how and (best) practices among the network and beyond. Various transnational events will be hold, namely a network-building and a final dissemination conference, both organized by the ETUC.
The project will enhance the already existed UMN network by involving local authorities in concrete joint integration measures and exchanges in favour of TCNs, including refugees. It will also enable the establishment of new working relationships with a broad range of stakeholders dealing with the integration of TCNs in the labour market and society at large.

Sofia Development Association will cooperate with CITUB and the Municipality of Dolna Malina. Activities in Sofia include:
              1. Organization of 5 trainings on labour rights for third-country nationals;
              2. Organization of 3 seminars for employers;
              3. Development of 2 campaigns (advocacy and information) at national level;
              4. Final dissemination conference in Sofia.

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