SOFIA DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION was founded as non-profit organization with the decision 348
of the Sofia Municipal Council to work for the sustainable development of the capital.

SDA team actively contributed to Maribor Transnational Expert Workshop

The second Transnational Expert workshop under NewGenerationSkills project was held in Maribor on 23 - 26 January 2018. SDA hosted the discussion on “How to be socially innovative and successful at local level” during the Knowledge café workshop. Sevdalina Voynova facilitated the workshop on the Initial Local Action Plans elaborated by city partners, who presented them through attractive poster visualisations. Denitsa Lozanova presented the progress achieved under the WP3 Innovation Capacities, coordinated by SDA, during the 2nd Steering Committee meeting including the First Year Review Meeting.

In the morning of 23 January SDA team took part in the Maribor Peer Review.





The dream Youth Innovation Lab

What would be the dream Youth Innovation Lab was the main issue we ideated with 30 young people representing different youth NGOs, organizations advocating people with disabilities rights, students, representatives of Sofia Municipal Council and Local Advisory Group.

The Sofia Development Association team in cooperation with the Sofia Municipality team organized the interactive event under NewGeneration Skills project, funded by Interreg Danube Programme.

The discussion had 3 ideation sessions: the (infra) – structure: the PLACE – how it would look like in order to attract young innovators; the PEOPLE – whom we would like to have there working and who would be the main target; the SERVICES – what would be the services our Sofia Innovation Lab would offer.

We believe the involvement of decision makers from the Sofia Municipal Council and the future users of the Innovation Lab in the beginning of the process of creating the Sofia concept is a guarantee for its successful creation. 


NewGenerationSkills naturally found its supporters at the first meeting of the Sofia city Youth Consultative Council

New Generation Skills project was presented by SDA team and Michaela Ivanova, Sofia Municipal Councilor and Sofia LIAG chairperson, on 11 October 2017 during the first meeting of the newly formed Sofia Youth Consultative Council.

The Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova welcomed more than 40 young people from 11 student associations, schools, youth organization that will assist the Mayor and the Municipal Council on youth policies and particularly the implementation and evaluation of Sofia Youth Strategy.

The knowledge and skills acquirement and professional orientation is one of the main priority in the Strategy, thus the NGS project and the Innovation Lab that SDA and city of Sofia will create is fundamental for achieving this priority. The involvement of Sofia Youth Consultative Council turns NGS project into a citywide initiative.



"Smart School 4 Smart School Children” School Hackaton was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, co organized by Sofia Development Association

On 20th September 2017 the "Smart School 4 Smart School Children” School Hackaton was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, co organized by Sofia Development Association.

The idea behind the event was to bring young people with bright ideas together and create a bridge between their imagination and new, innovative technologies.

The competitive categories given to the participants to choose from were all connected to the subject of technologies, innovation and positive communication between students and young people as a whole. The Hackaton helped not only the participants, but also the experts of the team of "New Generation Skills" project. The innovative projects ideas will find place in the Sofia Youth Innovation agenda in order to bridging the gap between education, and new generation skills needed for navigating in the changing world and give young innovators support in bringing their ideas to life.

The participants developed several great project, like a robot that can help you learn English, a platform that can contribute to the communication between students, teachers and parents, and the first prize project - a system which helps with the sharing of information about deadlines, exams and tasks between students.

The Sofia NGS team and the participants in the Hackaton exchanged ideas and learned from one another during the event, helping to bring the gap between students and experts.

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